RICS Condition Report


Cutaway house no logoThe RICS Condition Report is an objective report on the condition of the property at an economic price. As a result, it is necessarily less comprehensive than an RICS HomeBuyer Report or a Building Survey.

The focus of the service is on making an objective assessment of the general condition of the main elements of the property, expressed in terms of condition ratings. The report is confined to the condition of the property at the time of inspection; it does not give advice on maintenance liabilities or the future performance of elements or materials. Condition ratings are applied to the various elements of the building, the services, garages and permanent outbuildings to tell you whether defects are serious or urgent.

It is suitable for conventional houses, bungalows and flats built from traditional materials and in reasonable condition however I normally only recommend this report to those proposing to buy a recently built home (e.g. within the last 10/15 years) or for existing homeowners and landlords wanting a ‘health check’ on their property.

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RICS Home Surveys Information Sheet

RICS Home Surveys Information Sheet